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15 February 2016 - 19 February 2016, Course

Short Courses on Multiphase Flow 2016

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23 February 2016, Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research - Use of 3D Geographic Information Systems for transparent and sustainable electric power systems planning

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1 March 2016, Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research - Predictive Control Technologies for Future Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts

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7 March 2016, Lecture

Distinguished Lecture Series - Cut-Cell Method Based Analysis of Freely Moving Particles in Viscous Flows

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News and in the Media


IJP Young Investigator Award

Prof. Dirk Mohr has received the IJP Young Investigator Award for his excellent contribution to the field of plasticity over the past five years. The international award committee emphasized its particularly high appreciation for Prof. Mohr’s balanced portfolio of experimental and theoretical mechanics (applied to both plasticity and ductile fracture). Read more


IEEE Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems Award 2016

Prof. Henry Baltes received the IEEE Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems Award 2016 for contributions to the exploration and development of CMOS-MEMS, to production using IC foundries and MEMS post-processing, and for inspirational leadership in the worldwide MEMS community. Read more


Nanowalls for smartphones

The nanowalls developed by Prof. Dimos Poulikakos and his team are made with a new form of 3D printing. The Economist has reported on it. Read more


Flying Machine Arena

News from the Flying Machine Arena: Michael Mühlebach, doctoral student in Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea's group, has written a Robohub article: "This flying machine uses ducted fans for propulsion and control". Read more


Best Paper and Reviewers' Favourite Awards

Prof. Kristina Shea's group have received various awards for their papers. Read more

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