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30 November 2016, Inaugural lecture

Autonomy and the Future of Urban Mobility

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30 May 2017, Other


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News and in the Media


HILTI Award 2016

Dr. Umang Jivanlal Maradia, former doctoral student in Prof. Konrad Wegeners group, has received the HILTI Award 2016 for his doctoral thesis "Meso - Micro EDM".   Read more


Super stair-climbers

They have big ambitions: nine students from ETH Zurich and ZHdK are preparing to take on developers from renowned manufacturers and universities from around the world with their "Scewo" wheelchair at the Cybathlon. Read more 


ANYmal, the quadrupedal robot

ANYmal, the quadrupedal robot from Prof. Marco Hutter's group, can climb and jump like an animal. It is intended to be used in the future for inspection or search and rescue operations in rough terrain. Read more


Cover page of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis team made the cover page of the Journals of Materials Chemistry B, Volume 4, Issue 32, 28 August 2016. Read more


Microrobots – The next generation of operations

Researchers from Prof. Bradley Nelson’s group have developed new microrobots that could be used inside the human body to deliver drugs and perform medical operations. Read more

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